4 Tips For Finding The Best Shiseido Hair Straightening

Are you interested in getting a Shiseido hair straightening treatment? Are you looking for a good salon to go to so you can get the treatment done professionally at an affordable price?

There are plenty of options out there for this kind of beauty treatment, and not all of them will be of equal quality or affordability. The following will give you some advice to help you find the best Shiseido hair straightening treatment near you.


1.    Find a Japanese salon

Because this is a Japanese-style treatment, the best place to go is probably a salon that is run by Japanese stylists who know the best way to do an authentic job for you. While you don’t need to be Japanese to learn and perform this treatment, it is still relatively new in Australia and something that is still very limited to boutique Japanese salons.

With that said, there is more than one Japanese salon around, and you will still want to compare your options based on the quality and affordability available to you. Just because a salon is Japanese does not mean it will automatically be the best choice for Shiseido hair straightening – there are more factors than that you should consider.


2.    Stylist experience

Woman with straight hair

Of course, you want to think about who the stylist is that will be giving you the Shiseido hair straightening treatment. After all, stylists need to gain experience and have expertise in what they are doing for you to trust them with a treatment like this.

Shiseido hair straightening is a time-intensive, semi-permanent treatment that gives long-lasting results but requires precise work from a dedicated stylist. This is not the kind of treatment you would let an apprentice do, as it is too expensive to be trusted to a junior stylist.

It’s a good idea to explore the website of the salon and learn as much as you can about the stylists and see who is in charge of this kind of treatment. Make sure they have demonstrated experience in doing it and producing the best results.


3.    Find a good price

Naturally, price is also going to be a factor when it comes to Shiseido hair straightening. The treatment is not cheap, and anyone who charges very little is suspect. At a minimum, you would pay around $300 for this service if you have medium-long hair.

While this is a relatively expensive treatment, the long-term benefits can actually help you save money. Of course, you need to make a value-judgment by thinking about the cost and the benefits the treatment will bring you.


4.    Take advantage of special offers and discounts

You should also not hesitate to take advantage of any special offers and discounts, considering the expense of Shiseido hair straightening. For example, if the salon offers 10% for first-time customers, then that could equal a pretty significant saving of money.

There will also likely be discounts or voucher rewards if you refer people to the salon, and they mention your name. There are also loyalty systems that reward you even more for continuing to go to the same salon.

With this in mind, it can be very beneficial to find a good salon to stick with for all of your treatments so that it will end up costing you less in the long run. This is why doing your research is so important, so that you know the most that you can about the salon that you are thinking about going with.

There you have it, 4 tips to help you find the best salon to get Shiseido hair straightening.